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Vehicle filter

Special filter, Air filter, Oil filter, Fuel filter, Cabin filter

Vehicle filter Manufacturer

Welcome to KLJ Auto Parts! We are well-stocked with one of the most complete filter inventories in the world. From air filters to cabin air filters, we have them all. With more than 3,000 product specifications to choose from, you are sure to find your query!
  • Why Us
  • KLJ is striving to be the world-leading supplier who offers the most complete filter varieties. Our existing products comprise more than 3,000 varieties, including air filters, oil filters, fuel filters, cabin air filters, transmission filters...
    1. Special Air FilterThis KLJ patent-pending honeycomb filter is light, compact in appearance design. It even can be conveniently installed in a space limited area to offer a good filtering solution.
    1. Air FilterIn China, KLJ manufactures the widest range of air filtering elements. With the aim to become the world's leading supplier, we have developed some special purpose air purifiers for many clients.
    1. Oil FilterKLJ has a production line that not only can make many different filter elements, but also can develop the new parts. Based on different applications, we can produce the oil filter that can satisfy the engine requirements such as dust capacity, filtering precision, and chemical resistance.
    1. Fuel FilterWe can provide comprehensive fuel oil filtration solutions for all the applications ranging from ignition engines to fuel engines.
    1. Cabin Air FilterWhenever you are driving in a area with unpleasant pollen dust, urban traffic pollution, or other harmful dust, KLJ air filter will surely guarantee a good interior car environment where you can breath smoothly.
    1. KAZ1022The air filter is designed to remove contaminants such as dust and sand from the airflow needed for engines.
    1. KAZ1025 KLJ air filter is developed from several aspects, such as filtering effect, airflow optimization, acoustic design, pattern, etc.
    1. KAZ1027Its filtering element has been specially designed in geometrical shape, so as to meet the application requirements of passenger vehicles, heavy trucks, as well as the engineering machinery in construction and agricultural industries.